Ensuring the mask you wear gives the protection you need

Face Fit Testing UK provide a face fit test service for clients throughout the UK, or from our Training Academy in West Sussex.

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Face Fit Testing UK is getting a new website, watch this space …

September 29, 2021

What would you like to see? – message us – info@facefittestinguk.co.uk

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Do you need a face fit test done urgently?

August 17, 2021

Please contact us on info@facefittestinguk.co.uk for availability. *********************************************************************** Face fit testing conducted by Face Fit Testing UK is available for...

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Face Fit Testing UK Ltd – COVID-19 Policy

August 17, 2021

Please see attached The Alpha Group’s (which Face Fit Testing UK Ltd is part of) COVID-19 Policy . Updated: 3...

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Calling all painters and decorators. Daily activities such as paint stripping, sanding and spray painting can all expose you to a higher risk of developing a respiratory illness - so ensure you are wearing the right RPE! #painter #decorator #facefit #RPE https://t.co/iG8V63cZn2

Sometimes, a mask doesn't pass the test. This is mainly due to the mask being not fit for purpose or because the wearer's features have changed and the mask is no longer tight fitting. Should this be the case, we can advise on alternative makes and models. #mask #facefittest https://t.co/MNyWFdTylx

We carry out qualitative and quantitative face fit tests in accordance with HSE INDG479. Both tests take around 20 minutes to complete and you receive an instant result as to whether the mask has passed and therefore provides adequate protection. #facefittest #protection https://t.co/pKa8BrzLDw